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Our cross-border payments platform helps you enter new markets, increase your revenue streams, and cut intermediary costs.

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Our solutions are designed to help you streamline cross-border transactions and eliminate existing challenges of speed, access to markets, transparency and compliance.

International money transfer

Fast and secure global payments for MTOs, banks, mobile wallet operators, and other licensed payment providers.

Connect to 7.5+ billion bank accounts

Payouts to 2.1+ billion mobile wallets

97%* of transactions completed in <1 min


We power cost-effective, transparent, and real-time payments for your global network of suppliers, merchants, and customers.

30 regulatory approvals and licences

Transact in 71 different currencies with ease

Instant payouts to 140+ countries.

Virtual cards

TerraPay’s virtual cards provide support for balances in a wide range of global currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, SGD, AUD, ZAR, JPY, and AED.

No FX mark-up on spends

Easily create cards using APIs from theTerraPay portal

Customisable transaction controls and limits


Our card-to-account solution enables instant payments from commercial cards to non-card accepting suppliers through the TerraPay network.

Pay suppliers early with no impact on working capital

Get access to commercial card credit lines

Create your own card-to-account solution with our payout rails


MTOs can use our payment gateway and acquiring solution to accept payments from their customers. With immediate payout execution, MTOs get access to enhanced working capital.

Competitive rates with acquiring and payouts from a single provider

Accept payments via Mastercard, Visa as well as American Express card

Customisable to incorporate your branding

Wallet enablement

Open your doors to payments from over 2.1 billion mobile wallet holders. TerraPay’s integrated solution enhances mobile wallet acceptance at merchant PoS, enabling wallet users to make payments in local currencies across borders.

Issuing capabilities for real-time payments

Expand customer base for merchants

Minimal changes to existent partner-acquiring models

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